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Rejuvenate your beauty with a liquid face lift


The ageing process can cause a loss of volume and sagging of skin in the key areas of the mid and lower face, causing the skin to droop and giving you a tired look. The 8 point facelift has revolutionised the way we reverse the signs of ageing using dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid (HA). It is the latest non-surgical approach for facial rejuvenation and lifting, leaving clients with natural results without having to go under the knife, experience the pain of surgery or have a long recovery time. The 8 point facelift gives you a more youthful and revitalised look that will take years off the clock.


The 8 point facelift procedure targets the eight areas of the face that are most likely to lose volume and begin to sag as we age. This treatment ensures that the dermal filler is directed precisely where needed the most. By restoring the volume in these specific eight anchor points simultaneously, your face will get a balanced lift. The outcome of this procedure is very natural and results can be seen immediately.


  • Areas 1, 2 and 8 define the cheekbones

  • Area 3 fills hollow tear troughs or under the eyes

  • Area 4 reduces and fills nasolabial folds

  • Area 5 lifts the corners of the mouth to improve marionette lines

  • Area 6 reduces jowls.

  • Area 7 defines the jawline.

If you’ve been thinking of getting facial fillers in several areas of your face, this treatment considers the entire face to give you the overall youthful look you desire. Instead of doing each section one by one, you can take care of them all with the 8-point facelift. The procedure takes up to an hour (we must first apply numbing cream and wait until it takes effect), but we’ll make you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment. You may experience some slight swelling or bruising at the injection points, but it should go away in a few days.


The 8 point facelift can help you achieve a natural, more youthful appearance, without any of the risks or downtime associated with a conventional, surgical facelift. With a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers, there is no need to undergo general anaesthesia, and you won’t be left with scarring, bleeding, sutures or other associated surgery risks. While the results aren’t permanent, the 8-point facelift is less costly, so we encourage you to consider it.

Besides softening your facial lines, dermal filler stimulates your natural hyaluronic acid production, which acts as an internal moisturiser to hydrate your skin. The effects of HA-based fillers are reversible through being dissolved by Hyaluronidase if necessary, providing you with a safety net and that extra peace of mind.


While it can still be useful when we are trying to achieve a result with minimal quantity of filler, better results can be obtained by using the Multi-Point Face Lift, which is a more sophisticated approach allowing a more complete treatment of the whole face.


  • looks and feels very natural

  • not a ‘fake’ or ‘over-done’ look

  • enhances the overall shape of the face

  • lifts the structure and dynamics of the face

  • smoothes the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles

  • gives a general brightening effect

  • reduces of dark circles or under-eye hollows

  • offers improvement in the jowl and jawline.

  • helps skin look younger for longer


  • cheek structure, volume and definition

  • tear troughs, which can create a tired appearance

  • nose to mouth contours

  • downward smile, sad face

  • looseness in the jowl area

  • lack of definition to jawline


You should see some effects of the treatment immediately, but the final result may take up to a month. We will book a complimentary consultation two weeks after your treatment to review how it’s going. Every person will have different results, but the dermal fillers used in the 8 point facelift can have a long-lasting effect up to 18 months. This is great news for those who prefer a non-surgical option for lifting the overall facial structure.

Want to give your face a more youthful appearance to feel more confident? If you want to learn more about our dermal filler treatments for the face and their many benefits, get in touch and book a consultation at our clinic today.

Procedure Time

45 minutes

Duration Of Actions

18 months 

Back To Work


Risks & Complications

Swelling, Redness, Bruising

Onset Of Results




Anti WrinkleAnti Wrinkle Treatment Treatments


How long do the results last for? Made from hyaluronic acid, which breaks down, fillers will eventually be absorbed into the skin after around 6-18 months time. Depending on the area being injected and the amount of filler used.

Is 8-point facelift right for me? The “8-point facelift” is ideal for patients who have a little skin laxity. If you are over the age of 35 it is almost certain that you would see a benefit with this. Often a very subtle treatment can have a striking effect and in addition, it will help keep your skin in good condition for the longer term. If there is more severe laxity then a good result is still achievable but more filler material and a different technique may be required for best results.

I’m pregnant, can I have Dermal Filler? Currently, no thorough research has been undertaken to conclude the side effect of dermal fillers in pregnant women. For this reason, we do not advise dermal fill enhancement procedures during pregnancy.

Is it expensive? The 8-point facelift is the most cost-effective method we have found for delivering results with a minimal use of injectable product. The skill is in knowing where and how to place the injections in order to influence the facial structure.

How soon will I notice results? After procedure, you can notice the difference immediately and your skin will look revitalised naturally. Although, the full effect of the fillers won't be visible until 2-4 weeks after. ​

Are dermal fillers reversible? Yes- we can reverse any Hyaluronic acid based filler with an enzyme called hyalase. This takes 24-48 hours to take effect. The filler is dissolved and area returns to its original state.

Is the 8 point facelift safe? Dermal fillers are generally considered a safe and effective medical aesthetic treatment with very low risk of any complications. Most dermal fillers contain a local anaesthetic, meaning people generally find the procedure more comfortable than expected. This procedure is completely safe and you'll be in the professional hands.

Who is a good candidate for injection of dermal fillers? A good candidate for dermal fillers is one who is physically healthy, a non-smoker, and has realistic goals about improvement of appearance.

How is the dermal filler injection performed? Your skin will be cleansed and disinfected Topical numbing cream will be used to ensure comfort, it takes about 5-10 minutes to work Local anaesthetic is integrated within all the dermal fillers used, to further minimise any discomfort during and after procedure. Result is pretty immediate with minimum or no down time at all Using several small injections, the dermal filler is placed at the desired locations for maximum aesthetic effect.

How will the area look immediately after the dermal filler injection? Immediately after the dermal filler injection the treated area may appear overfilled with mild bruising or swelling. There may also be some transient redness and numbness. These symptoms may be alleviated within a couple of hours or a few days using topical ice application. ​

What are the precautions to be taken after treatment ? You are advised to avoid alcohol, coffee, or direct sunlight exposure for 24 hours after the injection.


What are the associated risks with dermal fillers ? There is a small risk of developing a rash, swelling, bruising, infection, and formation of lumps under the skin.

What is the recovery time after undergoing treatment with dermal fillers ? There is zero downtime after undergoing a dermal filler injection. In most cases, you should be able to return to your activities of daily living right away.

What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers are substances that have been developed and tested for injections into certain areas of skin and tissues for the purpose of cosmetic improvement. They are compatible with the body and can be classified as temporary. The compound is called hyaluronic acid and mimics the same compound in our body. They are used to uplift the mid face, cheek augmentation, lips augmentation, improve the shape of the nose, etc.

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