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Hand Rejuvenation

Reverse Signs of Ageing Hands 


The skin on your hands is naturally thin but becomes thinner and rougher with time and with constant exposure to the sun and the elements. As we age the fat and collagen in the back of our hands diminish, resulting in thin, translucent and crepey skin that is more prone to developing wrinkles and age spots.  Skin quality can be reduced and elasticity compromised, especially for those who expose their skin to the sun or extreme elements. At Aesthetic Ace Clinic we offer both of Dermal Filler and Profhilo treatments  which can revitalise the skin, add volume and improve overall skin quality. 


An anti-ageing hand lift for smoother, fresher-looking skin and less prominent hand veins can be achieved through two highly effective treatments. Both are progressively rejuvenating and long-lasting with natural looking results.

Injectable treatment options

  • Skin Booster

  • Dermal Filler


Skin boosters like Profhilo are highly effective in treating ageing hands. They can achieve significant results which last for months at a time. At Aesthetic Ace Clinic we offer hands rejuvenation treatments that are tailor-made to restore the skin firmness, hydration and texture. One of the best procedures for hand rejuvenation performed by Dr Noor at her clinic is Profhilo.


Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid and free of any chemical crosslinking agents. I

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance produced in our body and found in our skin, joints and connective tissue, binds moisture in the skin and aids collagen production. As we age, hyaluronic acid production slows, our skin thins and the fat in the back of our hands diminishes. The reduced volume combined with decreased elasticity produce translucent skin that wrinkles and develops age spots.

The key to Profhilo’s popularity is a unique structure and balance of scientific properties, including a high cohesivity, that allow the product to flow freely through the subcutaneous tissue and the dermis, instantly boosting skin hydration in a way that traditional hyaluronic acid fillers cannot.

Its gel like consistency distributes smoothly and evenly without the formation of any lumps. This means it can be used on areas which are difficult to treat with traditional fillers, such as the neck, the chest and the hands.


Profhilo is different from other dermal fillers despite being injectable. Unlike other treatments, it does not aim to mask the imperfections, but instead gets to the core of remedying them by actively stimulating and encouraging your body to produce collagen and elastin. Hence why it is a called a ‘bio-rejuvenator’ or ‘bio- revitaliser’.

Profhilo remains in place for a short time (up to 28 days). It then breaks down and is eliminated, naturally and safely.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes. Profhilo is injected in a series of multiple injection points into your hands, targeting the areas where the skin is the thinnest and where the most lines appear. It will then spread out under the skin over a few hours, Immediately following the treatment there is a noticeable improvement in skin tone, hydration as well as firmness, and lines are minimised.

Over the next four weeks the Profhilo treatment works to boost elastin and collagen production, effectively remodelling the skin and giving it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance with the effects lasting up to six months (depending on the individual and on their skin’s aging process).

Two treatments are recommended four weeks apart, with a follow-up appointment to be repeated twice a year for optimal results.

The hand rejuvenation treatment with Profhilo is best for thin, crepey skin, which is delicate. However, keep in mind that while the hydration effect does create some volume in the skin, this is often not enough to cover visible veins and tendons due to fat loss under the skin.


Treatment with the most dramatic anti-ageing effects for the hands is with dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler is based on a naturally occurring substance within the skin which retains water. Over time, hyaluronic acid in our bodies depletes with age, which can make the skin appear thinner and this is where dermal fillers provide benefit by replacing the lost volume.

At Aesthetic Ace Clinic we use blunted needle called a cannula. The hands are very veiny, and a cannula can move through without causing trauma to the blood vessels, resulting in far less bruising. Numbing cream is used if requires, so treatment is surprisingly comfortable throughout, quick and highly effective with the benefits showing quickly.

The backs of the hands are immediately re-plumped and have replenished volume, so that veins, tendons, joints are no longer as prominent. Results last for up to 12 months.

There’s no downtime so you can go straight back to work after your hand rejuvenation procedure.


If you are someone who is noticing the signs of ageing in your hands, you will most-likely benefit from a dermal filler treatment for this area. Many of our patients who decide to have this treatment are over 40, but even if you are younger but perhaps have very slender hands or are naturally very slim, you might wish to improve the look of your hands. If you have a special event like a wedding, a hand rejuvenation treatment can make you feel all the more glamorous and youthful. Before a treatment can be agreed upon however, we will ask that you attend a consultation, just so that we can examine your hands and check your medical history, to ensure that a dermal filler treatment will be both effective and safe for you to undergo.


You are an ideal candidate for hand treatments with dermal fillers if

  • Your hands show signs of ageing, and the backs of your hands have developed wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Your hands have lost volume and roundness, appearing bony and thin.

  • You have prominent veins on the back of your hands.

Dermal fillers can be an affordable and non-invasive method to treat ageing hands, a procedure that requires little down time and no preparation.

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Duration Of Actions

8-12 months 

Back To Work


Risks & Complications

Swelling, Redness, Bruising

Onset Of Results




Anti WrinkleAnti Wrinkle Treatment Treatments


How long do dermal fillers last in the hands? Depending on your individual biological and even environmental factors, such as smoking and sun exposure (which will ultimately deplete products faster); as a general guide, fillers in the hands can often last approximately 12 months. Dermal fillers are not permanent so results will naturally fade over time, at which point you will need to return for re-treatment to maintain the initial results.

Are dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation safe? Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a very safe procedure when carried out by an appropriately trained and medically qualified practitioner.

Why have I started to notice my hands look older? Have you noticed that as you get older, the skin on your hands is wrinkling faster than other body areas? This is a common complaint among many of our patients. While ageing is the primary contributor, there are several other factors to take into account. Our hands are exposed to the sun most of the time. Over time, ultraviolet rays damage the collagen and elastin fibres that keep the skin firm. The skin then gets loose, thin, and wrinkled. Sun damage is also the #1 contributor to crepey skin. Our hands are in use all the time. The constant motion can slowly compromise the skin's protective barrier function, causing our hands to appear rough, dry and wrinkly. We tend to pay less attention to our hands and divert all of our skincare efforts to our face. This will only exacerbate the signs of ageing. ​

Is there any downtime? You may experience some slight bruising, swelling, tenderness or discomfort for a few days following your dermal filler hand rejuvenation treatment. These are normal responses and we would expect them to diminish over a few days to a week, depending on your natural healing process. We will give you some aftercare advice, to help you minimise any side-effects or cosmetic downtime.

When can I expect to see the results from my dermal filler hand treatment? You will likely notice a difference immediately after your dermal filler hand rejuvenation treatment. However, for full results to be seen, we recommend waiting around 5 days, so that the product can settle and any swelling to subside.

Are dermal fillers reversible? Yes- we can reverse any Hyaluronic acid based filler with an enzyme called hyalase. This takes 24-48 hours to take effect. The filler is dissolved and area returns to its original state.

Does hand rejuvenation hurt? At most, you may feel a slight pinch at times, but the procedure is very well tolerated by our patients with little to no pain. That said, everyone has a different pain threshold. That's why we offer the option of a topical numbing prior to treatment to make the process as comfortable as possible. We will also discuss any concerns or fears you have before the procedure to help you feel more relaxed. After the treatment, some common injection-related side effects to watch out for include swelling, redness, pain, itching, discolouration and tenderness at the injection site. Generally, they are mild and typically resolve quickly and disappear entirely within a few days. ​

Who is a good candidate for injection of dermal fillers? A good candidate for dermal fillers is one who is physically healthy, a non-smoker, and has realistic goals about improvement of appearance.

How is the dermal filler injection performed? A local anesthetic cream may be offered for comfort before the dermal filler procedure. Using several small injections, the dermal filler is placed at the desired locations for maximum aesthetic effect.

How will the area look immediately after the dermal filler injection? Immediately after the dermal filler injection the treated area may appear overfilled with mild bruising or swelling. There may also be some transient redness and numbness. These symptoms may be alleviated within a couple of hours or a few days using topical ice application. ​


What are the precautions to be taken after treatment ? You are advised to avoid alcohol, coffee, or direct sunlight exposure for 24 hours after the injection.

What are the associated risks with dermal fillers ? There is a small risk of developing a rash, swelling, bruising, infection, and formation of lumps under the skin.

What can I do to slow the ageing process without filler? Have you started noticing that your hands look older than you’d like? It’s never too late to start taking good care of them. Just like your face, your hands need to be well taken care of in order to protect them against visible signs of ageing. Here are a few simple steps that you start today. Apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen (SPF50 or higher) every day to protect your hands from UV radiation Use a mild exfoliant on the back of your hands once a week to help slough off dead skin Apply moisturiser, i.e. hand cream, frequently to keep the skin on your hands hydrated. Wear cotton-lined gloves when gardening or when cleaning with harsh soap or chemicals. ​

What are dermal fillers? Dermal fillers are substances that have been developed and tested for injections into certain areas of skin and tissues for the purpose of cosmetic improvement. They are compatible with the body and can be classified as temporary. The compound is called hyaluronic acid and mimics the same compound in our body. They are used to uplift the mid face, cheek augmentation, lips augmentation, improve the shape of the nose, etc.


It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider about all the pros and cons of the treatment. You can also discuss alternative options for Hand Rejuvenation, such as:

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