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Rediscover your skin’s natural glow


NEOSTRATA® a ProSystem is a highly effective, superficial peeling system administered by medical skincare professionals. ProSystem offers a range of peel options including peels intended for specific skincare concerns enabling the physician to safely design a treatment plan around your skincare needs. These superficial peels are considered “lunchtime peels” because there is little to no downtime following their use. You can continue with your day with minimal modifications after a ProSystem Peel, being careful to avoid sun exposure of course.

NEOSTRATA® ProSystem Peels can be used to address the cosmetic aspects of pigmentation irregularities, acne-prone skin and photoaging, helping the skin to appear smoother, younger and healthier-looking with enhanced clarity and brightness.


Neostrata chemical peels contain three alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs), which are naturally occurring ‘fruit acids’ found in fruits and other foods:

  • Glycolic Acid is found naturally in sugar cane

  • Citric Acid is found naturally in citrus fruits

  • Mandelic acid found naturally in almonds

Many common skin problems are associated with the excess build up of dead skin cells that make the skin thick and dull, and may cause clogged pores. These AHAs help to loosen and remove these dead surface layers to exfoliate and smooth the skin.

At Aesthetic Ace Clinic we introduce our patients to chemical peels with a rejuvenating 20% glycolic acid peel – and then step up the glycolic acid concentrations, depending on the results our patients would like to achieve.

We also offer two targeted benefit peels, depending on the specific skin concerns our patients would like to address:

  • The Clarifying Peel combines glycolic acid with mandelic acid and is designed for oily, acne prone skin

  • The Brightening Peel combines glycolic acid with citric acid to help control the signs of pigmentation and sun damage

The acids used individually or in combination are:

  •   Glycolic Acid: 20%, 35%, 50% and 70%

  •   Clarifying peel: 30% Mandelic and Citric Acid

  •   Brightening peel: 30% Citric Acid


Your skin will be cleansed and prepared, and the Neostrata chemical peel will then be applied. You may experience a ‘tingling’ sensation while the peel is on your skin. Following this, the peel will be neutralised and aftercare products will be applied. We will also advise you about skincare products to use at home.


The NeoStrata Clarifying Peel is a combination of 30% mandelic acid and citric acid and is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.


For patients with uneven pigmentation and discolorations, such as photoaging-induced dyschromia, sun spots and/or melasma. Can be used alone or layered under a ProSystem Rejuvenating Peel.


ProSystem Retinol Peel is an advanced, 3% Retinol Peel that is clinically proven to exfoliate and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne-prone skin and skin laxity. Note: visible exfoliation will likely occur for a few days following the peel.


The NeoStrata Glycolic Peels contain 20%, 35% or 50% glycolic acid and is designed for patients with multiple skin concerns including rough texture, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin and irregular skin pigmentation. Higher strengths can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and certain pigmentation skin concerns.

Our experienced aesthetic practitioners will be able to advise which medical-grade skin peel will be most suitable for you. Our skin peels use medical-grade strength ingredients and are supported by clinical evidence to prove their efficacy.


  • Dull complexion

  • Rough and uneven texture

  • Dry skin

  • Fine lines/wrinkles

  • Crepey Skin

  • Acne Scarring

  • Enlarged pores

  • Pigmentation


  • Skin peels provide long-lasting results all over the treated area, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and rosacea, moderate photodamage, superficial acne scars, and uneven skin tones. 

  • Only the best skincare products are used for the medical-grade skin peels.

  • You will see an immediate result of rejuvenated, brighter skin following a skin peel. For best results we recommend a course of six skin peels. Results will vary depending on the individual, but can last for up to six months. 

  • The treatment duration is quick. There is no downtime, and results are visible within 2 weeks 

  • Suitable on all skin types. 

  • Effective on all body parts including, face, neck and decolletage 

  • All treatments are carried out by highly skilled Aesthetic Practitioner who are experienced in carrying out medical-grade skin peels with both the Obagi and Neostrata products.

Duration of the Treatment

30 minutes

Results Duration

6-12 months 



Risks & Complications

Peeling, dryness

No Of Sessions

3-6 4 weeks apart

Practitioner Level


Anti WrinkleAnti Wrinkle Treatment Treatments


Is Chemical peel safe? A medical-grade skin peel is a safe and effective treatment that targets pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and a lacklustre, dull complexion.  A chemical solution is applied to exfoliate the top layer of the skin stimulating in the production of elastin and collagen resulting in a fresher and brighter, youthful-looking appearance. We offer a variety of skin peels, which will depend on your skin type and your skincare goals. ​ ​

Who can have a chemical peel? All skin types can safely have NeoStrata® peel, however thorough discussion is needed with a qualified medical skincare professional before you proceed. It is essential to discuss how to prepare your skin for treatment with the correct skincare and what to use post-procedure to aid recovery.

What could I expect immediately after my chemical peel? Common side effects: redness (erythema), stinging, itching, burning, tightness, minor swelling and peeling of the superficial layer of the skin. These sensations gradually diminish over the course of the week as the skin returns to its normal appearance

What results should I expect following a course of NeoStrata® chemical peels? There are multiple benefits: .Fine lines and wrinkles - Improved appearance .Hyperpigmentation - Evening of skin tone . Acne scars - Visual softening .Pore size - Diminished appearance in size .Uneven or rough texture - Increased smoothness .Dull skin tone - Enhanced natural glow .Acne prone skin - Reduced appearance of blemishes

Which areas of Skin can be Treated with a Chemical Peel? Most commonly the face is treated with a chemical peel but the body can also be chemically peeled too.

Am I Suitable For Obagi Nu-Derm Skincare? Whether you have hyperpigmentation, acne, dull skin, wrinkles or any other skin issue, Obagi Nu-Derm has a powerful product line that can help target your skin concerns. If you are committed to maintaining a good skincare regime, will use sun protection daily, and are not pregnant or breastfeeding, the Obagi skincare system could be right for you. Get in touch with our team to organise a consultation today.

Do Neostrata chemical peels hurt? The biggest misconception about this treatment is that chemical peels will burn the skin, leaving it sore, red and painful. With Neostrata ProSystem peels, you only experience some tingling – nothing more. These rejuvenating superficial peels are even gentler than traditional scrubs.

What happens during the treatment? Your skin will be cleansed and prepared, and the Neostrata chemical peel will then be applied. You may experience a ‘tingling’ sensation while the peel is on your skin. Following this, the peel will be neutralised and aftercare products will be applied. We will also advise you about skincare products to use at home.

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