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Smooth away fine lines and wrinkles


Lip lines can often be referred to as ‘smokers’ lines’ or ‘laughter lines’ and appear as small, vertical grooves in the skin on or around the top and bottom lip. The decline in collagen and elastin from the skin, as a person gets older, is one of the main contributors to the formation of wrinkles. These two substances are often thought of as the building blocks that enable the skin to maintain a firm and full appearance. When they start to decrease, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can speed up the rate at which collagen diminishes, as well as aiding dehydration, from which the signs of ageing can develop quicker.

Lip lines can also be the result of repeated movements of the mouth. The many times a person smiles, laughs, talks, eats, drinks and pulls facial expressions contributes to the weakening of the skin and muscles that help to support the mouth and lips. The term ‘smokers’ lips’ is affectionately given as lip lines can be more prone and prominent in those who choose to smoke. Smokers perform a repeated facial movement through the action involved in inhaling on a cigarette. The grooves that form in the skin as a result can then become permanent over time. 



Anti-wrinkle injections can help to relax the muscles that cause these smoker's lines or lipstick lines, resulting in a smoother, more youthful and refreshed appearance.



In addition to the ageing process, a variety of unique factors cause mouth lines to appear. Lip lines are worsened by factors like genetics, repetitive facial expressions, sun exposure and, of course, smoking. See below for a full list of smokers lips causes:

  • Smoking and vaping

  • Sun exposure

  • Drinking from a straw or bottle

  • Repeated facial expressions

  • Pouting / smiling

  • Playing musical instruments (like the recorder or harmonica)

  • Genetics

  • Lifestyle factors


The Botulinum toxin is an FDA-approved medicine that works as a muscle relaxant. When administered carefully by a trained professional, the botulinum toxin can soften lines and wrinkles around the mouth by reducing the number of muscle contractions and movements which cause dynamic wrinkles. It takes just a matter of days for smokers’ lines to reduce, with results that last from 3 to 4 months. 

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Duration Of Actions

3-4 months 

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Risks & Complications

Redness, Bruising

Onset Of Results

2 Weeks



Anti WrinkleAnti Wrinkle Treatment Treatments


Do wrinkle-relaxing injections hurt? Wrinkle -relaxing injections are quite superficial and performed with a very thin needle, and therefore very comfortable.

I'm pregnant, can I have wrinkle-relaxing injections? Wrinkle-relaxing injections are not advised for pregnant or nursing mums, as the effects on the baby are currently unknown.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe? Anti-wrinkle injections are safe when they are completed by a trained medical practitioner. Medical practitioners must have the appropriate training to complete this non-surgical treatment, the risks are extremely minimal.

Who Should Not Use Anti-wrinkle injections? If you are considering having Anti-wrinkle treatment, then you should always book a consultation with a member of Aesthetic Ace Clinic Team. There is a selection of people who are advised not to have this type of treatment completed: The injection site is infected You are allergic to any of the ingredients You are pregnant or breastfeeding You have a neuromuscular disorder (e.g. myasthenia gravis) If you are still unsure if you are suited for Anti-wrinkle injections treatment then a full list of side effects, cautions and contraindications will be discussed at face-to-face consultation.

What happens after Anti-wrinkle injections? You can carry on with your day as normal and will be advised to avoid strenuous activity, saunas and other facial treatments for up to 24 hours after the treatment. The results from Anti-wrinkle injections can be seen almost immediately. After 4-10 days of having undergone treatment, you will notice an improvement in your lines and wrinkles.

What will the treatment involve? Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the quickest cosmetic treatments available at The Aesthetic Ace Clinic. The treatment will involve a doctor making a series of small injections into the muscles of your face. The injection process itself will only take a few minutes.

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