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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

The procedure can be used to treat:

  • Fine and coarse wrinkles

  • Decreased skin elasticity

  • Thinning of skin

  • Scars from acne or surgery

  • Pigmentation asymmetry

  • Loss of subcutaneous fatty tissue

  • Early stages of baldness.

 A small quantity of your own blood will then be drawn. This blood is centrifuged to isolate the platelet-rich plasma portion. This step should take about 10 minutes. The platelets are then activated using calcium to release at least 8 growth factors that are used for the healing of injured tissue.

Bringing Back the Youthful Healthy Glow to Your Face . After applying a numbing cream to your face, a very small needle is used to inject the growth factors back into your face. These growth factors activate multipotent stem cells in the skin to produce new collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissue under the skin. This results in great looking, youthful skin.

When injected into the scalp and eyebrow area, the platelet rich plasma can revive dying follicles creating a healthy environment for hair growth.

There is virtually no downtime after the procedure. The effects from the procedure improve over 2-3 months and last for about a year.

The benefits of a Vampire Facelift include:

  • Improved texture, tone, and colour of your skin

  • Smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Growth of collagen

  • Improved skin tone and clarity

  • Younger-appearing skin and increased hair growth.

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