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Tear Trough Treatment

What is a tear trough?

A tear trough is a depression or groove that runs from the inner corner of your eye,

down and across your under-eye area.

It often looks like there is a dark circle under your eye

and gives your face an aged or tired appearance.

How is a tear trough formed?

A tear trough is usually formed due to:

  • Genetics

  • Lack of sleep

  • Sagging skin

  • Enlarged under eye fat pouches

  • Age related changes


Are you a candidate?

Most candidates are in their 30s or older; however, younger individuals with deep tear troughs may also benefit from this procedure. If you have noticed deepening of the tear trough or dark circles under the eyes resulting in an aged and tired-looking face, you may be a candidate.

How can a tear trough imperfection be treated?

A deep and unsightly tear trough can be treated by a non-surgical procedure which involves the injection of a dermal filler. The procedure can be performed in office setting and does not require any anaesthesia. You only feel a slight pin prick as the needle enters your skin. Multiple injections of a very small quantity of dermal filler are performed into specific areas under your eye to give a healthy, natural look to your face. The entire procedure should take no more than an hour. You can leave immediately after the procedure to continue with activities of daily living.

What are the complications or side effects of the procedure?

Although the tear trough treatment is very safe, there is a minimal risk of bruising, tenderness, redness or swelling, which will usually resolve without any intervention. Sometimes, lumps may form under the skin due to accumulation of the filler in certain areas. This may be easily managed by light massaging or may eventually get reabsorbed into the skin.


How long do the results last?

The improvement in your facial features are immediate and may last 6-9 months. You may need a follow-up session thereafter to maintain the results.